Of prime interest on the trip through China with my parents was my father's quest to find new kinds of beer to sample.

 So far, in Chongqing and YiChang, we'd had the (we thought) ubiquitous Snow Beer and TsingDao. Chongqing has it's own weak brew, Shancheng. In YiChang, we had some Hunan beer called Chero. After trying these beers we headed for Hans beer territory--Xi'An, incidentally home of the Terracotta Warriors.

Dan and I went to Xi'An on our first big trip in China, over Christmas 2006 with some coworkers from Foshan. We had only had one day to explore the city that time, but decided to go back to get a better feel for what had once been the capital of China in her Silk Road heyday, and of course, to try more beer.

A few of the Hans-labeled beers weren't bad (though it seems to be just an offshoot of TsingDao), but we did get duped into drinking one terrible beer while stopping for lunch in the Terracotta Warriors complex: bittermelon flavored beer. Not recommended.

 We revisited the Warriors (an experience much better than the beer) and also had a few nice afternoons in Xi'An looking at the BanPo Neolithic site, an archaeological dig discovered in the 1950s and the Shanxi Provincial Museum, which had had a face lift since Dan and I were there and may be the best museum we'd visited in China. The entrance fee has also been waived since our last trip, which was a nice surprise.

After a few days we headed off to Yulin, a not-very-famous city near the border with Inner Mongolia, where remnants of the Great Wall still stand.

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