Over the next months we'll be posting lots of information, trips, and most of all pictures and stories about our Big Trip through China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and beyond. We hope you enjoy them!

At the moment, in addition to preparing AlaskanKangaroo.com, we're packing up our stuff, finishing up our final classes and getting ready to change not only the scenery around us but the lifestyle we've been living.

After six years of teaching English in the Czech Republic and China, we're going to dedicate some time to just traveling and soaking up as much as we can from the world we traipse through.

In just one day we will be leaving Zunyi, our home for the last year and a half. Since this isn't going to be just a normal vacation, the preparation for the trip has been a long one!

In addition to starting this website to document our travels, we took a jaunt up to Chongqing two weekends ago to get stuff ready for our parents--both sets are arriving on the 18th. We found a company to take us down the Yangtze, searched out parent-friendly venues for entertainment and booked accommodation.

 At work, we've been saying goodbye to the students, mucking out our office to make way the next director of the foreign department, Manuel, and sorting through the books and papers we've accumulated.

At home, we've given away old clothes, got our friends drunk one night so we could sell them our DVD collection, and started making little piles of things to send to America or Australia.

And then, there's our gear. Not even counting our technology habits, we're trying to pack smart things.

Poor Dan's had only functional gifts from me for the last year: A first-aid kit for Christmas, a camera memory card for his birthday and a sleeping bag liner for our anniversary.

To see a short list of the things we're taking, please visit our stories page.

Happy travels!

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