The Phantom.
“I thought you weren't interested in cars,” Dan said.

“Hmm....” I snapped another picture. “I like looking at them. I don't like talking about them much.”

That didn't stop us from spending over an hour exclaiming over (and coveting) the fifteen vintage cars on show in the Udaipur maharanas' collection.

From a Rolls Royce Phantom (only 50 made) to 1940s Jeeps, the automobiles were an interesting look into the garage of a family richer than I can imagine. Rolls Royces are great, but our favorite was the 1930 Model-A Ford. Classy!

Usually when we go to palaces or forts, we get to look at the old swords of the maharajas, the clothes worn by the princesses, the household items. Checking out the old vehicles was a refreshing change from our usual sightseeing, and—bonus--the entrance ticket included lunch!

1942 Jeep

1956 Mercedes

1960 Mercedes

1938 Cadillac Convertible

1938 Cadillac Sedan

1924 Rolls Royce

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