We are awed.

 Delhi's Red Fort is ginormous.

From the massive sandstone gate through to the delicate carvings and inlays of the pleasure halls overlooking the river bed on the other side, the Fort takes up a huge amount of central Delhi real estate.

First a royal palace and then used by the British as a garrison and then, after Independence, by the Indian army, today it's a park popular with local families and one of the must-see attractions of Old Delhi. It's so popular that even when we visited on a weekday afternoon there were a few hundred people in front of us waiting to get in.

Because each visitor is checked by security individually, it took a long hour's wait before we could enter and we were worried that the inside of the fort would be crowded. But the complex is so large that even with the thousands of visitors it receives every day, the fort seemed roomy. We refused the advances of several guides in favor of wandering by ourselves, and enjoyed the peace of the shady grounds and empty outbuildings.

Leaving the fort at sunset was an amazing contrast between the tranquility of the park to the chaos of the Old Delhi streets.

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