Valentine's Day is another one of those holidays that is not celebrated, yet still celebrated in Asia.

While the atmosphere doesn't reach the Western onslaught of pink hearts and candy, it's still possible to see blushing couples carrying bouquets of roses and to find big heart-shaped boxes of chocolates.

Dan and I decided we'd have a day out in Guangzhou, which is a short distance from Foshan, to celebrate our eighth Valentine's Day together.

We started the day with the lunch buffet at FOODS, at the Ritz-Carlton.  Okay, backtracking a little, we started with Bloody Mary's in the lounge and then the meal.  Mostly, we planned it because it was fun to say that we were "luncheoning at the Ritz, dahling" in fakey British accents and the lunch buffet cost about 250 RMB (about 40 USD) each, which was in our price range.  However, while of course bringing up the Ritz in random conversation for weeks is priceless, the buffet was fantastic. The only better one I can think of was in Las Vegas for my birthday in 2010, but we'd been drinking all day and my memory of that one might not be accurate.

The best part of the buffet, surprisingly, was the desserts. Usually at buffets you find one or two good things and then you're so stuffed by the end that the desserts are unnecessary.  Not this buffet. We liked everything we tried, and we tried almost everything. The ox tongue wasn't a favorite, mostly because we misunderstood and were expecting it just to be beef.  But the desserts, man oh man, the desserts. They made hot chocolate cakes a la mode, served up cold guava soup and had amazing tiramisu.

Also, at the end, you could take a complimentary box of gummy candies.  Outstanding.

After such an awesome lunch, we didn't do much for the afternoon. We'd found a good deal on a hotel on, which is my favorite booking site at the moment, and watched TV and digested until the evening, when we took a walk around the Zhujiang New Town area and the Canton Tower and had dinner and drinks at The Brew.

Not a traditional Valentine's Day, but what an amazing buffet!

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