Tomorrow we leave China for Malaysia.

We have had so many adventures these last four weeks--from slipping through the Three Gorges on a ferry to shooting harsh liquor with unintelligible Mongolians to making new friends on our marathon train rides and engaging in an international waterfight from bamboo rafts.  Unfortunately, we have been unable to update or post photos on Facebook. We're planning to start doing that on our arrival in Malaysia.

We're looking forward to updating the blog and getting photos out for everyone to see. Let's hope that Malaysia doesn't have a penchant for blocking social sites too!

I feel a little strange--I think that this trip to Malaysia may be the least prepared in advance knowledge that I have ever been. We've been so preoccupied with getting our China trip nailed down that we haven't really researched much into what we will do next. As I type this Dan is poring over maps his brother emailed him trying to figure out where our hostel for tomorrow night is.

Good travels! We're looking forward to them!
9/12/2009 01:34:05 am

We didn't lose even one of the 15 water fights!

Carolyn McDaniel
9/13/2009 01:25:27 pm

Hey-great to see your getting something up on your site-hope you left a day or two for computer work.


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