I don't usually use Alaskankangaroo to link to my other writing on the Web, leaving that to my writer's site--bethgreenwrites.com. 

But I thought it might be interesting for readers here to take a look at the travel article I've written about Foshan, the Chinese city that Dan and I have lived in for most of our time in China.

You can find the link to my article on eChinacities.com here: http://www.echinacities.com/guangzhou/city-life/guangzhou-s-beautiful-neighbour-foshan-city.html

We first came to Foshan in 2006, fresh and new to Asia.  We left for awhile but came back in 2011 to remeet old friends and rediscover the city. And has it changed! Foshan In the past six years Foshan has grown, modernized and beautified.  Take a look at the article, and browse through some of my old blogs about it on Travelpod.com, to learn more about this fascinating, changing city.